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How Will Santa Know?

A father's poem, retold by Dawn Jung, my dear and very talented mother. My kiddos love this story and ask to read it over and over again. It's a wonderful addition to our holiday book lineup. 


Book Blurb:

Christmas Eve intruders, a Santa lookout, one lingering question, a guiding light. How Will Santa Know is a captivating, refreshing Christmas poem for children aged 2-8.


Young Benny anticipates the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve; that is, until he looks outside. The grassy landscape and churning lake offer no wintry landing for reindeer.


In the silent darkness of his room, wide-eyed Benny clings to his favorite stuffed companion. In restless anticipation of Santa's arrival, he slips from his warm bed and cautiously approaches the window seat. Peeking outside, his wandering thoughts turn anxious. What flashes by the window? Is there something outside the bedroom door? Whose voice breaks the silence?


Benny's misguided intruders soon find out their arrivals are not only unexpected, they are untimely. After a series of confusing mishaps unfold on Christmas Eve and two surprises on Christmas morning, Benny's thoughts again begin to swirl.


Readers describe How Will Santa Know as wholesome, creative, thoughtful and fun. The Christmas poem set in rhyme, similar to well-known Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore.


Join Benny as he begins his night of adventure and discovery! Order now with one click, in print or for Kindle.


How Will Santa Know?


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