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Our Story

Making the dream a reality

In February of 2022, my husband and I were searching for something that would get our family outside and in touch with nature. Three weeks later the idea of Flutter Farms was born and I had 1000's of seeds on order to turn the dream into a reality. Flowers have always held a special place in my heart. When I was a little girl, flower arranging is how I'd spend time with my grandma and she always had a beautiful garden that I loved to walk and watch the petals "flutter" in the wind.


We started with a 1500 sq.ft no-till garden and by the end of the first season, I was hooked. The therapeutic benefits of being outside and in the dirt is exactly what I needed and turns out there is no better place for a tonka truck than in a freshly dumped pile of compost.  What I didn't expect though, was the outreach from the community and seeing just how powerful flowers can be. We decided to give back to the same community and donate a portion of proceeds to local charities.  

In 2023, we more than doubled the growing space and I left my 9-5 to focus on this dream and what it's become.  It's much bigger than being in the dirt and growing flowers.  It's creating an experience for others they'll remember and treasure for years to come.  Helping others see the beauty in the simple things and creating a space to share and grow the love for nature.  

Flowers are more than just petals and stems...they are a feeling, a sign of hope, and a pause during the daily grind that helps you appreciate the simple things in life.

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Organically Grown

We like our bugs at Flutter Farms (even if they do cause us to lose some blooms).  Our goal is to support nature and give them a home to thrive.  We built our beds using no-till methods to improve our soil over time, and we stay away from chemicals which means you may find a tiny friend in your bouquet every now and then.    

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