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2024 Bouquet Subscriptions Preview

Enjoy the best of what each season has to offer with our upgraded options that extend through three seasons and choose between convenient pick-up locations or delivery straight to your door.


By subscribing, not only will you have fresh and beautiful flowers on display EVERY WEEK, but you'll also be supporting local farmers and sustainable practices. What else? You're getting more flowers for less money, priority for any last minute flowers you need, and an invitation at the end of the season to visit the farm and cut flowers for free!

Sneak Peak of the Options

Screenshot 2023-10-06 114224_edited.png

How it works...

Choose Your Style

Wrapped, Jar, or (our newest add) the Statement Piece!

Whether you prefer to arrange them at home or have it done for you, we have an option that fits!

Choose Your Season(s)

Now offering subs for Spring, Summer, and Fall! Choose your favorites or keep with blooms coming with all three (and save $$ too)!

We grow a variety of seasonal specialty blooms.

Choose Pickup or Delivery

We are expanding to multiple pick-up locations to make it easier for you to get your weekly fix of fresh-cut blooms.

Broken Hatchet Intro.png

Pickup Locations (Day)

When can I order?

There are 50 spots available for each season and we are starting orders off with the one and only sale that will be available for bouquet subscriptions. Previous Bouquet Subscribers get first access on 11/20, followed by our email subscribers on 11/22. Everyone else will have access on 11/24 (Black Friday).  No code required to get this discount, but the offer is only available until 11/27 at midnight.


This means when you buy two of any season (e.g. Spring + Summer, Spring X2, Spring + Fall), you get $40 off!

When you buy three seasons (same here, any combo works), you get $90 off!  That's up to four bouquets for free!

Haven't subscribed to emails yet?  

Black Friday Sale Only! 
Buy 2, get $40 off
Buy 3, get $90 off

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